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We visited many wonderful places in France. Click on one of the names below to see some of the things we did, or you can scroll down the page to look at everything together. 








Paris is super dog friendly and most restaurants allow pets inside without hesitation. The métro is also dog friendly, however it can be extremely busy so bear this in mind and try to travel during off peak times to make it more comfortable for your pet. 

We visited all the outdoor sights and there is even a lookout on the 59th floor of the Tour Montparnasse that allows small well behaved dogs to explore the rooftop - however you will need a carrier for the elevator and restaurant. 

There are also many dog friendly shops and even some department stores will allow your dog in if you ask at the door. We visited the dog friendly department store BHV, and it's accompanying BHV La Niche (just for pets!)

The iconic entrance to BHV La Niche
Having a break at one of the many dog friendly restaurants in Paris
While you can't go inside the Louvre with pets, you can certainly cool off in the fountains out front
The Eiffel Tower by Day
Paris metro with dogs.jpg
Waiting for the Métro
On the Paris métro in our backpack carrier


One of the places we visited in France was Lake Annecy. It's a beautiful little town nestled in the mountains in the French Alps. It has a beautiful Old Town with cobbled streets to stroll and a beautiful crystal clear lake with stunning mountain views. 


Make sure to take a Walk around Lake Annecy with your dog. Enjoy the scenic views and let your furry friend explore the waterfront. There are several public beaches along the lake where dogs are allowed.


Explore the Old Town (Vieille Ville) and wander through the narrow streets of Annecy's Old Town with your dog by your side. Admire the colourful buildings, visit the local markets, and stop by dog-friendly cafes and shops


Visit the Jardins de l'Europe.  These beautiful gardens located near the lake are an ideal spot for a relaxing walk with your dog. Take a picnic with you and enjoy the greenery. 

The shops in Annecy were very welcoming and allowed us inside with dogs to browse
Taking a much deserved break and having an Orangina at a cafe along the water in Annecy
The crystal clear waters of Lake Annecy
Posing on the bridge in Annecy Old Town

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Chamonix Mont-Blanc is a skiing town very nearby to Annecy. It is situated at the base of Mont-Blanc very close to the Switzerland border. 

We were not visiting for skiing, so we spent our afternoon strolling around the beautiful town and enjoying lunch with the stunning views of Mont-Blanc. 


You can take a stroll along the Promenade du Fori and enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful views while exploring the town.

The  Aiguille du Midi Cable Car allows dogs and takes you to a height of 3,842 meters (12,605 feet) where you can enjoy panoramic views of Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks together. 


Dogs are allowed on the Montenvers Train, which takes you to the Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France. Take a walk with your dog around the glacier and enjoy the stunning ice formations.


Chamonix also offers a wide range of hiking trails, and many of them are dog-friendly. Some popular options include the Lac Blanc trail, the Le Petit Balcon Nord trail, and the Les Gorges de la Diosaz trail. Make sure to check the specific trail regulations and keep your dog on a leash where required.


On Sundays, Chamonix hosts a bustling market where you can find local produce, crafts, and more. Dogs are often welcome, so you can explore the market stalls together! 


Riquewihr is a charming medieval village located in the Alsace region of France. Known for its well-preserved architecture and picturesque streets, Riquewihr is a great place to explore with your dog. It is known for it's beautiful vineyards and delicious wines! Riquewihr is enclosed by medieval fortifications and ramparts so make sure to take a walk along the ramparts with your dog and enjoy panoramic views of the village and the vineyards beyond.


We were allowed on the tourist train which brings you all around the town with an audio tour and then we strolled around the cobbled streets taking in all the new delicious smells!

On the tourist train in Riquewihr
In Riquewihr town

You can take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets of Riquewihr with your dog and  admire the beautifully preserved half-timbered houses, colourful facades, and charming shops. 


As Riquewihr is located in the heart of the Alsace wine region, make sure to take your dog for a walk through the surrounding vineyards and enjoy the scenic views. While dogs may not be allowed in all vineyards, many of them have paths and trails where you can explore together.


The Musée de la Communication en Alsace showcases the history of communication in Alsace, including postal services, telegraphs, and telephones. Dogs are often allowed in the museum, provided they are on a leash. It's a unique opportunity to learn about the region's history while exploring with your furry friend.


Strasbourg is a beautiful city to visit.  We stayed in an Airbnb slightly outside the main city, but public transport is very easy to figure out and dogs are allowed to accompany you so it was very easy to get around!

Strasbourg is known for its picturesque canals and riverfront. Take a leisurely walk with your dog along the banks of the river and enjoy the scenic views of the city. You can also explore the nearby Parc de l'Orangerie, a large public park where dogs are allowed.

The Petite France neighborhood is a historic district in Strasbourg with charming streets, timber-framed houses, and canals. It's a great place to wander around with your dog and soak in the atmosphere.Some indoor attractions may not allow dogs, but you can still enjoy the outdoor ambiance.


While dogs are not allowed inside the Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg), you can take a walk around this impressive Gothic masterpiece and marvel at its architectural beauty. 


Strasbourg offers boat tours along its canals, and many of them are dog-friendly. Hop aboard a sightseeing boat and enjoy the city's architecture and landmarks from the water, with your dog by your side.​

PXL_20220417_160238531-Edit copy.jpg
Notre Dame de Strasbourg
Le Petit France in Strasbourg
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