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Ireland to Spain

There is currently only one route operating directly from Ireland to Spain


  • Rosslare - Bilbao (Brittany Ferries)

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Pet Options:

1. Rosslare - Bilbao (Brittany Ferries)

On the Salamanca Ship with Brittany Ferries, you can go directly from Ireland to Spain. Pets can either stay on board in a kennel or a pet friendly cabin. Dogs must be muzzled at all times when they are not in their cabin or kennel. The kennels are located on the passenger deck which means you have unrestricted access to your pets throughout the sailing.  You can view the ship guide here


We travelled on this route in July 2022 when it was operating the Connemara Ship. The Connemara ship was a 'no frills service' ship, whereas the new Salamanca ship is much more luxurious. You can watch our video review of our journey on the Connemara ship below. 


There are two departure time options for this trip - which results in either a a one night journey, or a two night journey. The journey is approximately 28 hours.

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