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We had a short trip to Andorra. It's a great day trip from Spain or France. We visited Andorra in the Summer, so we were greeted with stunning mountain scenery but it is equally beautiful in the Winter. There are some absolutely beautiful hikes and trails for you and your dog to do in Andorra!

We started by visiting the capital Andorra la Vella. We strolled around the beautiful streets and visited the Noblesse du Temps - a sculpture by Salvador Dali. Visit the Plaça del Poble, the main square of Andorra la Vella, where you can relax in one of the outdoor cafes. You can do some duty free shopping, and maybe take a stroll in Parc Central in the afternoon!

Noblesse du Temps

Andorra is very easy to get around, especially if you have a car with you. We had our car with us, which allowed us to visit quite a few places in a short timeframe however it is definitely possible to explore Andorra without a car. Andorra does have an extensive network of bus routes that will take you to the main towns.


If you do have a car with you, make sure to take a drive to the Vallnord ski resort, located in the La Massana area.​ Here you can enjoy a day of outdoor activities with your dog. In summer, you can go hiking on the numerous trails in the area. Some recommended routes include the Ruta del Ferro, the Camí de les Fonts, or the Tristaina Lakes circuit.​ Have a picnic lunch surrounded by nature, and make sure to bring enough food and water for both you and your dog, as it can be quite hot in the summer months.


We took a stroll by the river and crossed the Bridge of la Margineda which dates all the way back to medieval times. From the bridge you can see beautiful views of the river, mountains as well as the beautiful mix of old and modern buildings. 

The capital is a beautiful place to stroll around. We spent a whole afternoon just wandering around admiring the views. 
We visited Parc Gran del Colat Jardi Botanic where there was a lovely food market and band. The atmosphere was great and there were lots of happy dogs there too. It was quite hot for us so we sat in our stroller with our portable fan keeping us cool. 

While the humans can check out the Caldea Spa (not dog friendly), dogs can enjoy a spa experience by visiting GosSwim Andorra.  Dogs can take a swim in the heated hydrotherapy pool not too far outside of Andorra's capital, Andorra la Vella. 

A must-see in Andorra is the Mirador Roc del Quer viewpoint. It is an unbelieveable experience and even better - it's dog friendly. When you reach the viewpoint, you are standing suspended out over the Pyrenees.  The walk to the viewpoint is approximately 15 minutes and comfortable footwear is recommended!

The viewpoint itself is a walkway, part of which is suspended mid-air, with a glass floor so it feels like you are floating in the valley. There is a sculpture at the end of the walkway known as The Ponderer who is gazing out over the valley too.

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